Mann Lake QC100 Complete Queen Rearing Kit

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Easipet 23461 National Beehive with Two Super Boxes 175

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Easipet Decorative Garden WBC Bee hive 628

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Easipet National Bee Hive with Gabled Roof in Cedar 266

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Easipet National Cedar Bee Hive Starter hive with frames and wax

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Easipet National Bee Hive in Pine with 2 Super 1 Brood (21436)

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Bee keeping supplies

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A beehive is a home for bees. Men have been plundering homes for honeybees for hundreds of years to obtain honey, bee larvae and beeswax. Today artificial hives made by man are called beehive as against the natural homes of untamed honeybee colonies.

Since honey and beeswax are the products men seek from bees, most contemporary artificial beehives have removable frames that allow the honeycomb to be removed easily without damaging the bees. Bees are tamed to get honey, beeswax and to pollinate crops. For pollination, normally one hive per acre is enough.

When you first start beekeeping, there is some essential equipment which you will have to buy, such as protective clothing, a hive tool, and a smoker. The main item you will need to purchase is a beehive. With a beehive start kit, you will get the essentials you need to start harvesting your own honey.